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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2014 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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♪ >> and we're going here to give a blessing for this beautiful new library i'm here because when i went to high school i worked asia library payment in the late 60s and early 70s i thank goodness for ms. jackson for hiring me he learned to swim in the local pool. i also do a people's blessings who o so that when i raise my hand and say something repeat it. >> may this new home for
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learning and inspiration be filed with great vibes of >> (repeated.) >> >> (repeated.) . turbulent >> (repeated.) imagination. >> (repeated.) . expanding horizons >> (repeated.) >> for those who hunger and this matter may the spirit of peace. >> (repeated.) >> joy. >> (repeated.) >> and wonder bless this new north beach library (clapping) so so much reverend functioning and what a glories day welcome ladies and gentlemen, i'm louis us the city librarian (clapping.) i've had the honor and privilege of doing ribbon cuttings for the
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24 libraries it never gets old it's fantastic is we're here to celebrate the grand opening of a new icon in the north beach neighborhood it represents the end of the largest capital improvement program in the history of the city 24 libraries every library is seismic safe we have ada access and staiks libraries for every neighborhood in our city (clapping) isn't that fantastic really a testament to all of you we're here to celebrate the last one and best one of the lot (clapping) absolutely. >> how appropriate is it this is mother's day weekend abused happy mother's day but beyond that this is the mother of all
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projects (laughter). >> (clapping) literally this is the capital to all the amazing projects you have a special library i know we're going to have a program it's important to acknowledge folks i can he can recall wait for you to experience it is 60 percent larger which means for this amazing neighborhood to have literature history where else than here lawrence and jack absolutely (clapping) 60 percent more space means you'll have spaces for children to minimum as the reverend said to be inspired the future scientists and perhaps the future engineers and librarians maybe the future mayors come out of north beach because their
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inspired that from our lib. that has a teen space and an amazing living area on this side where everywhere you look you'll see coit tower or the cable cars the st. peter and paul. thank you marking for your vision of (clapping) giving you truly an amazing building so if you may have read the article from john king that talked about the public spaces being magic and all the other sense of the public is that a being engaged so her vision and that of her team is making a difference. but it also is is a play that's
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staishg more technology. we used to have 6 public terminals for access to technology and you'll have 22 wifi and the first library connected to the cities fiberoptics network so board band and transmit anything you want that are as the afternoon unfolds he'll hear more and more but we'll start by thanking the community all of you for your patience and per southerners of making this a reality i didn't want to settlement for a modified expansion you knew from generations to come you would get an iconic building give yourselves a applause >> you wanted to vision for a
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civic plaza and the plagued that's going to be realized that's a civic plaza so thank you. again. the community was a key partner it goes without saying the city family comes together to deliver on a promise i'll happy to a work with an unanimously team of individuals that needs to be recognized the team i'd like to start with our chief of branches ed back here (clapping) elsie wong she's helped us what designed of quite a few of the libraries (clapping) from the dpw side our michelle our project manager where's michelle lee. julia back there doing fabulous work and ed lopez they've come
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together and worked beautifully to make this happen. i want to recognize the folks that are going to be delivering excellent customer public service to all of they deserve our recognition our management robert carlson and eric the librarian there you go eric the great support staff and shawn lynn and jason lee and he betty lee (clapping) let's hear it for them folks. okay. so now without further ado, it's my pleasure to introduce mayor ed lee he's hand print has been in the program throughout the entire had 14 years since 2000 when he was the director of public works and as
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mayor he's give us unwavering port to make sure we come to the final full time so thank you mayor ed lee (clapping.) thank you lou yes, sir. and thank you for the librarian the wonderful job he's doing (clapping) well, when he said handicap print i didn't put my hand print in another of the concrete. but i look at this crowd and look at the t-shirts of the agencies printed on the back we're very proud of this library you're on important part of the san francisco and we bless it and reflect it by the energy this library medians and after hearing the list many of things make sure this library has modernization even though it is
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the final one not the final investments the education for you kids and the community centers that libraries become more than you're old and my old libraries community centers are excepted for people to come together to exchange ideas and provide hope to learn and constantly learn and the button of this is the deimagine playground yes (clapping) i want to thank the supervisors again supervisor david chiu and a scott wiener they've been here with smaert on all of our branch openings we've celebrated in the bay area or out in the excelsior time and time again we've
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celebrated this with literally every community around san francisco this morning we kickoffed prop a the emergency services response bond we can optional do that if we have used the bond you've graciously voted for and disciplined ourself to law room in keeping the promise not to increase property taxes i want to thank everyone that's involved because it's a promise we can continue to deliver great infrastructure and institutions where it will be part of the community if we do the right thing so we're lucky to have emergency respond money with our police department and fire department and retired those
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debts but today is about looking at those kids having fun and being safe isn't it a transformation of an old parking lot isn't ii, visualize this we used our innovation and imagination and what else we didn't just build a library i think as friends of the library are showing as frinsz of the joe deimagine is showing when we do things like that we respond to form the agencies like friends and bring people together to finish what we can't do the friends are going to need our help the furnishings and the trimming so, please help when
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you can. the friends of deimagine playground and phil will love it quite a nice blessing enriching each other when the kids are playing or lockup things and go out and play again in a safe community. the biggest thanks to are the people like you who never, ever gave up. you know when lewis was saying the moss mother of all projects sometimes, we encounter those entities and times when things get delayed but the people who rise up all the time and save us from being distraught and time and time again the residents of chinatown and naturally has risen up and given us the extra
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push to defend against lawsuits and claims all for the future generations of our san francisco residents so i want to say on behalf of everyone in the city to the community of north beach thank you, very much for your wonderful, wonderful persistencecy the community meetings have been so many hours of people we understand if we could be in frustration today but a lot more celebration when you visualize this design with to the arts in it and to celebrate with the education with all of the difference elements that we want to celebrate this library is relic of it all let's celebrate that's not environmentalist and lewis has more ideas about our library
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the teen use more thanizing to make sure the libraries are the center of the community thank you for also being here. congratulations >> (clapping) >> thank you so our next individual has been remarkably or remarkably low supportive he said i'll support the lib so i really, really appreciate let's give a big hand to board president david chiu. >> north beach this is your day. i can't believe we're lessor. 14 years after we passed this bond measure the last of 24 libraries and hundreds of meeting and thousands even if residents coming together we
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have a north beach library. this is personal for me because lewis said i made a caption promise in 2008, this library would be done and thank you for helping me keep the promise. the first meeting i had after 2 weeks of november 2008 i had a meeting in 90 my predecessors office with julie whether i we looked at the new designs and said chiu go get it done i told them i think we can move this forward in 6 months 6 years later after appeals and lawsuits it will remind people will be still folks who are fighting to build the joe deimagine lagged and still trying to build soccer
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fields the village of san francisco we came together and our citizens and disabled awe our parent and kids we represent the diversity of the world in north beach and we got it done thank you for that (clapping) but let me close with the second reason why this is person we'll all thinking about our mothers this weekend and my mother brought me to the local library i wouldn't eastbound here time in and out and for the mothers and grandmothers thank you. part of why this is personal 6 months ago i put a ring on my finger and mining want to raise our kids my i want to come into
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the library and have my 5-year-old item david thank you for this library. i still have some things to learn. emergency room end by saying if we could all join in the following saying we love >> (repeated.) . the north beach library >> (repeated.) >> thank you daddy. he's young enough to be my son. thank you very much. our next supervisor i think has a record for attending more than all ribbon cutting supervisor yee he's got 3 libraries in his district he believes in the
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libraries so supervisor wiener i'm representing district 8 lewis is right when i in the 3 and a half years in office i've supported the renovations and part of the reason is under the influence of alcohol when i took office the libraries in my district were renovated so i lived very categorical so people want to know why we need libraries in this angle we know that libraries is not about the books those are community centers and the hearts of our community and so many ways. our library system our staff and lewis and our library commission all the investigators in every community that are supporting or spovrt our library system is important but north beach has a
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special place i've taken every opportunity to move this forward i'm going to be more blunt than supervisor david chiu or mayor ed lee it was a poster child but when you have a project that has deep support so much incredible support in the community be such also known as an essential project for everyone in the neighborhood sea have you a smart phone group of people to tie it up for years and years and increase the costs and appeal after appeal how many more times can we vote as the board of supervisors to support this but in the end far more the community wins and this library has broad support this is a wonderful day for north beach and the rest of the city so congratulations
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(clapping.) thank you scott. our neglected officials has been a library supporter from the state elective thank you, supervisor mark leno >> good afternoon north beach it's great to be here. it's not often we get to say the words your tax dollars at work with a smile on our faces but we're smiling today because of the determination the commitment, the dedication and the tenacity of so many people here who have kept the eye on the ball and insisted our elected officials made this happen. and now 14 years later two successful bond measures passes
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and $200 million wisely invested now completed this is a humane accomplishment. i show up at the ribbon cuttings because i know a great event when i see one. so many friends and colleagues, i have in the elective that are more than a little bit envious. so many other part the city have playground rates of unemployment and the drought and they don't have the wherewith all to continue to revisit in the public infrastructure we're doing with this building and across the street in every neighborhood around san francisco so today count blessings and today thank you the hard working library commission you do on a regular basis (clapping) of course, the imperceptibly
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work of the library staff and the friends of the san francisco library which have raised $12 million for fifth and except all of us so enjoy the day and supervisor chiu is right this is about the children and there are children who will tell their children and grandchildren we were there when we cut the ribbon and the opportunity for wonderment and vantage is about to unfold and lewis i know you've never seen this a proclamation from the united states senate in every bathroom of the new renovated (laughter) for you
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(clapping.) thank you so much senator i mentioned i was going to talk about the unique features that makes the library special we're proud to have a relationship with the arts commission they do did public art and commissioners a unique and innovative one probably one of a kind called the sonic dream escape that represents the audio portion of the law of columbus you'll hear sound of north beach like the sea lions or dishes clanking it's an opportunity to hear poems. the artists is no one accountability than paul montana
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for the his created for the public art and acknowledge the great collaboration with the artists commission and their executive director tom thank you. great colleague and the director of the public arts program mary chiu so thank you for your great work (clapping) we're proud that our buildings have green status quite a few of the are silver 6 or 7 projects that are gold in leading efficient in design this is no exception it has solar panels thanks to the working relationship with the public utilities commission and especially paul and kelly the general manager from puc and our wonderful working partners with the environment our green stacks
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program that features things on the sustainability of the environment and shawn and mark thank you for your partnership (clapping) and i know you don't know this there are 34 hundred pairs of levies combetdz as installation inside the building so thank you levy straus that saved us money. so the next wonderful project sponsor with the public utilities commission this is a terrific working partnership mohammed. (clapping.) >> thank you all first of all, i think i want to start by thanking the architect and the construction designs and the engineering that worked hard with the community to improve
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our libraries and it's all because of the 2000 bond we passed and that bond is allowed us to make our libraries seismically fit and meets the top industry standards but what is special is the north beach library it's special because of mason street how many uses is to remember that cars went through here and the leadership of the community we all worked together to vacate this street and the attorney worked yes. very very hard (clapping) to make that happen and next is the design for joe deimagine park we're going to connect them you can come here and enjoy the library and go run around and
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swim until it's one nice place in our neighborhood. a few people to thank the project manager thank you. (clapping.) dennis oats has been on several projects where's dennis? here's here everyday making sure the work is done. c l w builders has been the beneficiary of 6 of the libraries we built by more important more than 35 percent of the workforce and workings workers are san francisco residents thank you. (clapping.) marshall from the stacey aeblts on the project from the
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beginning thank you marshall and, of course, lizzie will continue that the shaping to allow the community benefits thank you. (clapping.) >> thank you so much all right. so i have a story to talk about my neck partner she and i do a visit to the oregon elementary school so they are a have a name i'm mr. library and he's mr. parks so it's great in promoting this so welcome phil ginsburg. >> he's mr. brooks and i'm mr.
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parks. what is joy to be here you guys are ready to go inside this is such such joyous days it's a story with a couple of different themes one it's a story about a buff partnership and that's the partnership that the 70 rec and park department has with our public libraries it's actually revitalizing community spaces this is how cities are supposed to be libraries and parks and public plazas and places for people to get together and challenge and build community learn and play and hang out. so it's a story about partnership i want to thank the library and lewis in particular for you leadership in trying to improve the quality of life in san francisco. it's the story of leadership and our elected officials from mayor
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9 and supervisor wiener and senator leno's they get it they want to make life easier and pick the tough fights to visit in san francisco but your leadership and community leadership that is really made this happen this has been a long battle anytime you want to create positive changes you've got to be prepared for a fight we are are a progressive city that hates change but those fights as good as our elected leadership is they don't happen without you and people volunteering and standing you up and showing up at the board of supervisors hearings and collecting signatures it didn't happen without community leaders so thank you